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Great writing equals more sales. It’s as simple as that.

What You Get

From books and blog posts to sales pages and presentations, you might be surprised how much written content you produce. No matter what form it takes, we will make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your content.

Flawless Results, or your money back

We even offer a FREE no-strings-attached, no credit card required, sample edit (up to 500 words).


All-in-One Pricing

Your edits are $.02 per word or less. That’s it. No complicated pricing tables, no nickel-and-diming, no crazy calculations. Just two pennies a word for the best, most complete, most helpful service we can offer. (Discounts automatically applied over 5,000 words.)

Ready When You Are

Your price includes proofreading, copyediting, requested formatting, and any necessary feedback to improve your writing, all delivered within 48 hours. Need it done sooner? Just ask!

**Documents over 20,000 words may require additional time.


Get a Free Trial!

It can be hard to put your faith in a company you found on the internet. Let us prove to you how great we are, at absolutely no cost to you! We’ll edit 500 words of whatever you send us, and you can keep your credit card in your wallet.

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